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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Are you ready for the beginning of a whole new YouNow? We are launching our first ever social game, YouDraw! Broadcasters get to draw something from our library of thousands of words, and everyone else gets to try and guess what it is. But it’s not just drawing and guessing – we’ve made the game more exciting than any version you’ve ever played at home or online because you can win Pearls every single round!

Because this game allows you to win Pearls, it is only for those aged 18 and up, and you will have to confirm that you’re over 18 before you play. Here’s how it works:

If you are a player:

Once a streamer has started the game, you will see a screen like this:

You will see a window like this:

To participate in a round, you first risk Pearls. You can risk up to 500 Pearls per round.

You can start guessing as soon as the streamer starts drawing by typing your guess in chat. Spelling matters! Pretty soon, you’ll start seeing messages like this in chat:

Everyone who wins gets double their Pearls! Guess as many times as you want! The number of slots for winners is determined by how many people are participating in the round. The round ends after 60 seconds or when every winner slot is taken, so guess fast! When you win, you’ll see a window like this:

To summarize:

  • Place your Pearls to join the round

  • Type your guesses in the chat

  • Act Fast and win pearls with the correct guess!

A few FAQs for users:

1. Do I have to play if a streamer I’m watching is drawing? No, you don’t. You can skip by tapping ‘skip’ or simply waiting for placing Pearls to close.

2. Can I play if I’m under 18? No. While this game isn’t gambling – Pearls cannot be traded in for gold bars, diamonds, or any currency, this is also a game of skill rather than luck, and you are not required to pay to play – we decided to keep it to people over 18 . If you’re under 18, you can watch, but you cannot play.

3. Is this gambling? No, it’s not. With YouDraw, we give Pearls away for free to all users every day, so you don’t have to pay to play. There is significant skill involved in figuring out what people are drawing. And, finally, Pearls have no monetary value.

4. Do the streamers get a cut of the Pearls? No. Streamers do get likes each round, though! Streamers also get paid when you buy them gifts. So show them that you think they’re awesome by sending them a gift for all their awesome drawing and word picking!

5. How much can I win? You will double your Pearls if you win!

6. Are there more games coming? Yes, although we still need to get some data from YouDraw before we make another.

7. What happens if I’m caught cheating? Don’t be that person. We reserve the right to strip pearls from you, deactivate your account, and more. Under our flagging function, you can now flag someone for cheating at YouDraw

8. I ran out of Pearls and want more before I get my free ones again. What do I do? You can buy Pearls under your profile using Gold Bars.

9. What do I do if I or someone I know has a gambling problem? Gambling is a serious addiction, and if you are concerned, call the 24-hour hotline at 1-800-522-4700 to get immediate, confidential help in the US, Canada and US Virgin Islands.

If you’re a streamer:

You can only draw if you’re on the web or iOS. Android is coming, but it’s not ready yet. If you’re on Android and you want to run a game, you can stream using our mobile website at

First, go into the tools menu and look for the pencil:

Tap it, and you should get to a window that asks you to pick a word, like this:

Pick a word, and get ready to draw! You can use your finger or an Apple Pencil on iOS, or your mouse on PC.

Once the timer goes, start drawing:

That’s it! The round ends when enough people have guessed the word, or 60 seconds is up.

A couple tips for you:

  1. Keep the word a secret while you’re drawing! Don’t say the word, or even give hints about what the word might be. It’s more fun for everyone playing if they only have the drawing to guess from. You can certainly keep talking about other stuff while you draw, though!

  2. Try to pace the number of games you play. We found in internal testing that playing 3-5 times at once and then taking a break was fun for everyone (you included). Try taking a 5-10 minute break between sessions unless everyone in your stream is really into this, or you’re doing a challenge to draw the most things you possibly can.

  3. We know that the temptation is there for some of our streamers, but please don’t draw naked people or someone’s private parts. We will treat this just like any other nudity on our platform. In fact, all our terms apply, including those about self harm and hate speech, and drawing depictions of anything that violates our terms may be a bannable offense.


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