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English Community Events

- Please do NOT include any private info like your full name, private email, or telephone number (just leave those fields blank)
- Please DO be sure to include your username in the title and a square PNG artwork!

1. Click the + at the top of the calendar (for mobile, click the calendar menu on the left)

2. Add ALL Required Info: 
- Event Title: Your Username + Event name (ie EJ's Birthday Stream!) 
- Uncheck "All Day" event
- Add Start and End Time in EST
- Upload image: upload a square image (a sub-sticker is always a great choice)
- Location: keep blank
- Description: Add a public facing description 
-Venue: keep blank
-Organizer: under organizer website, copy/paste a URL link to your YouNow profile (ie

3. Hit Next, and give your email in case we have follow up questions (this will not appear on the public calendar) 

Please note:
we reserve the right to reject your request to be featured on the calendar. Reasons for rejection include but are not limited to the following: 
- Missing info: If you do not include enough info, we cannot add you. 
- Inappropriate content, description, or photo (all TnS and chat rules still apply here) 
- Not enough time for approval (give us at least 2 working days please!) 


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