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Community Updates

Did you miss our community broadcast? Don’t worry! Here’s a recap!

First, you can find the presentation we went through here:

Creator Fund 3!

Creator Fund 2 was a huge success, and so we’ve decided to launch another Creator Fund starting in February 2023! Your payouts for Creator Fund 3 will happen in mid-March 2023; in February, you’ll get your final payment for Creator Fund 2 if you qualified.

Creator Fund 3 is payable only in Diamonds. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy to convert those Diamonds into Gold Bars for those of you who like to use your Creator Fund money to support your community.

The Fund is intended for you all to create a lot more awesome content on YouNow! We took a look at other company’s creator funds (many of which are now discontinued, including the largest one out there from Facebook) and then decided to make the creator fund more closely match what you’re doing on the platform, which means that you’ll get paid a bonus based on how much you earn on YouNow during the month.

Here’s what those bonuses look like:

The more you earn, the more you get, and you can still level up with Pearls to a higher earnings bonus.

By the way, if you’re looking for your rewards history, whether it’s Gold Bars you’ve won, your daily Pearls, or other contest or perk rewards, you can find them here: YouNow – Rewards History. Your Diamond history is always available at YouNow – Diamonds History.

Finally, as you know, the community guidelines we set our important for all of us and apply to Creator Fund 3. If you have gotten a warning from our Trust & Safety team, you're not eligible to participate in the Creator Fund running for at least 3 months. A warning will be emailed to you if you’re getting one, and some of the reasons you might get a warning are:

  1. Obvious violations of Trust & Safety, such as getting naked in your stream (which also gets you banned)

  2. Cheating at YouDraw or our other games to stock up on Pearls.

  3. Soliciting cash tips outside of the platform

  4. Telling your audience that they should all leave YouNow and go to some other app (this can cost you your partnership, too)

  5. Threatening violence against another user (again, this might get you banned as well)

Bar Pricing Change

The costs of serving you all live video as well as other third-party software costs have increased dramatically over the past 8 months, and we can no longer absorb the cost increase. We encourage you to log into to buy bars at a big discount to the iOS and Android prices, but if you really prefer to buy directly in the app, you can.

Starting February 1, we are raising the prices modestly for Gold Bar packages in the iOS and Android apps. Prices on the web (including Android web purchase and PayPal) will remain lower than the prices found on the app stores.

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