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Community Update

Hey YouNowers! We are announcing a major change to the platform to help combat bullying and harassment. Starting today, we will be eliminating moments and replays. We are doing this because, after a thorough investigation, we have determined that a significant number of bad actors on YouNow use moments and replays on other social media sites to harass our users. We cannot allow this behavior to continue when we see first-hand the negative impact on the mental health of our broadcasters and their communities. Our priority is providing the best live experience we can, and this will allow us to continue to focus on helping people go live.

For those of you who use your replays and moments to legitimately market your stream, you have several alternatives, all of which will result in a higher quality and more marketable video for you to share with your fans:

  • Use the built in recording feature on OBS; or

  • Use one of the many screen / phone recording apps out there to save a copy to your local device.

A side effect of this decision is that you will also no longer be able to simulcast to Twitch, YouTube or any other third party service. This is because the recording technology we used is the same as what we used for simulcast; very few people actually used simulcast each month, and it never did what we all wanted it to do - drive people from Twitch and YouTube to YouNow.

Beyond limiting off-platform bullying, this change does have an added bonus for all of you who ignore our advice about streaming in HD or 4k on OBS - your audience should see less choppiness and pixelation there if they have a good internet connection! As always, if your audience sees a bad picture, use a lower OBS setting.

🤩 Happy Streaming 🤩

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