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🌟Mentorship Program🌟

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We are so excited to announce our first set of mentors!








Do you love YouNow and want to give back to up-and-coming streamers? Are you here for the content and want to help create awesome shows and events? It's your time to apply for a mentorship position with us!

How to become a Mentor:

You may apply for membership here. ONLY PARTNERS OF THE ENGLISH COMMUNITY MAY APPLY. Slots are limited. Mentorship will last for 3 months with the option to be renewed if all requirements are met. If chosen, the team will be in contact with more info and next steps.


  • Be partnered with us for at least one year

  • Be in excellent standing with Trust and Safety

  • Stream a minimum of 25 hours per month

  • Earn a minimum of 100k likes per month

  • Host or guest with a minimum of 4 different non-Partners or 4 new influencer Partners per month

  • Self-plan and execute a minimum of 2 content events per month (makeup contest, likes battle bracket, drawing contest, dance battle, etc, etc), submitted to the content calendar and approved

  • Participate in a minimum of 3 YouNow sponsored events or challenges per month

Mentors will be responsible for tracking their requirements and sending us evidence that all requirements are met.

What you'll get as a mentor:

  • Exclusive Mentorship gift in your tray (500 bars)

  • An extra slot unlocked in your sub stickers for you to create a Mentor-themed sticker

  • Exclusive access to the #mentor hashtag

  • 2 Editor’s Choice suggestions per month

  • 10k Bars + 1 banner per month to contribute towards content you create for the community. Bars may be used as prizes, for bar giveaways, or for supporting guests with gifts.

This is a new program- if we see an overwhelming response, we can always expand on the perks, benefits, and opportunities! Thank you for caring about the YouNow community!


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