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🌟Community Updates🌟

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Did you miss our community updates broadcast? Don’t worry! Here’s a recap!

First, you can find the presentation we went through here.

We have a full post about Likeathons here. If you haven’t tried one yet, give it a go! They are a fun way to interact with your community.

Drum roll please.... Higher Bitrate Broadcasting!

If you’re a partner who uses OBS for your streams, you are automatically opted-in to our higher-bitrate streams. What this means is that viewers of your streams are less likely to see pixelated video when they watch you, which is especially important for those of you who play video games at a high refresh rate.

This does not mean that all of your viewers will see your stream perfectly. While we’ve made the experience better for most people who watch, we cannot make everything look good on a 3G / 4G cellphone connection, because there’s just not enough bandwidth going into the phone to make that look good no matter what we do.

For those of you who are gamers on YouNow, we recommend that you use the lowest possible resolution you can – 1280x720 with 30 FPS works well for almost everyone who is watching, and is not jumpy for most viewers. We know that you’ve got a gaming rig hooked up to a 4K monitor with a 120 FPS and an RTX 3080 powering your displays. If you try forcing those settings through OBS, it’s not going to look good for your audience, because iPhones and Android devices, which is where most of your audience is watching you, can’t process those graphics.

If you don’t use OBS, don’t worry! Our normal video is already optimized for every phone out there, and every type of cellular network.

As always, if you run into issues, please contact support at

Up Next... 🌟 Partner Program Updates! 🌟

For the first time in a very, very long time, we’ve added two new Partner Tiers! Here’s what they look like:

Pretty sweet, right? When we added these new tiers, we also decided to make it a lot easier to hit the first tier. Here’s what the new tier levels look like:

The new Tier 1 is there for Partners who had trouble hitting our old 500,000 like goal, and the revised Tier 7 is for Partners who get an insane number of likes per month. Only a few broadcasters in our history have ever hit this level of likes – will you be the next?

Creator Fund 2!!

It’s true: we’ve run through our initial Creator Fund a bit faster than we thought we would. So we started a new one – Creator Fund 2 – and it’s funded through January 31, 2023!

We have also learned a lot from our first creator fund:

  1. Many of you like to use creator fund money to support your friends on the app, and would take advantage of Diamond conversion sales we run to turn your Creator Fund money into Gold Bars to support others; and

  2. You asked for more money per tier.

Ok, we got you. Our new creator fund gives more money for most tiers, and now gives you the option of taking your payout in either Diamonds OR Gold Bars. The value of the Gold Bars we are giving in the Creator Fund is significantly higher than what we do in our best sales, and all of these bars will provide your friends with financial support.

We are going to write this again because we don’t want there to be confusion: you get either Diamonds OR Gold Bars. Not both. You can’t mix-and-match. It’s one or the other.

Here is the breakdown of Creator Fund 2:

As you can see, the value of the Gold Bars we’re giving away as part of Creator Fund 2 is 2.3x higher than the value of the Diamonds.

To choose what you want, write your partner or VIP manager by the 10th of the month. If you don’t choose, we are going to send you the more valuable option, which is Gold Bars. So if you want Gold Bars, you don’t have to do anything.

We are also going to be a little more strict about who gets to be in Creator Fund 2. Namely, if you have gotten a warning from our Trust & Safety team, you’re out of the Creator Fund running for at least 3 months. A warning will be emailed to you if you’re getting one, and some of the reasons you might get a warning are:

  1. Obvious violations of Trust & Safety, such as getting naked in your stream (which also gets you banned)

  2. Cheating at YouDraw or our other games to stock up on Pearls.

  3. Telling your audience that they should all leave younow and go to some other app (this can cost you your partnership, too)

  4. Threatening violence against another user (again, this might get you banned as well)

Producer Perks Upgrades!

Producers now get a wide variety of new perks, especially our platinum crowners. For full details, see here

A few big updates:

  1. More stickers

  2. More personalized gifts and stickers

  3. More exclusive bonus like days

  4. Partner protection for your favorite partners (platinum only)

  5. Exclusive quarterly meetings with our CEO (platinum only)

Gift Pricing Change

Starting November 1, 2022, you’ll notice that the prices and bar-to-like ratios for gifts may change. Some of these prices are going down, while others are going up. We are doing this because Pearls have almost doubled the likes we have in the app, which was not our intention when we launched Pearls. As a result, we’re changing both the bar-to-like ratio and the pearl-to-like ratio so that we get the same amount of likes in the system per US dollar that we had in April 2022, before we launched Pearls.

The most important thing here is that we are not changing your earnings ratio per bar – Partners still get the same 60% of money paid after fees from Apple, Google and others. We’re not Twitch. We’re not going to lower your payments because Amazon all of a sudden can’t afford a couple of bucks even though it’s one of the biggest companies in the world and we’re a tiny start-up that can somehow pull this off with better payouts, now the same bitrates, and a whole lotta features they never bothered to develop and… oh, sorry. That was an unnecessary rant. Suffice to say, we’re not Twitch, and you’ll earn the same amount per dollar spent that you did before.

You’ll also probably notice that your earnings per like are going to shoot up. Nice!


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