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YouNow's Next Ambassador

We are looking for YouNow’s newest Ambassador, and it could be you! As an Ambassador, you will unlock a special badge that will appear on your profile and in front of your username. Everyone will know who you are!

And, you’ll be granted YouNow superpowers that will make you the most powerful and represented person on the platform!

During your Ambassadorship, you will be able to do the following:

  • You can nominate one user to become an English partner in the app

  • You will be able to nominate two users for editor’s choice (In ANY community, not just English!)

  • You will receive sneak peeks at the new YouNow updates during your ambassadorship.

  • You will act as a representative for the company, so you will be able to silence users for 15, 30, or 180 minutes

Don’t forget- with great power comes great responsibility!

How do I become the next Ambassador? The top Producer (Worldwide) who sends the most likes between September 13, 12 PM EST to Sunday September 18, 11:59 PM EST will get the prestigious badge! We will be in touch on Monday, September 19th!

Important Info:

  • The Ambassador badge is not a permanent status. In order to maintain the status, you must follow the instructions of the YouNow team

  • As an Ambassador, you must agree to YouNow's terms and conditions and pledge to upload the Community Guidelines.

  • Abuse of Ambassador power will result in removal of the badge and could result in other action from the Trust and Safety team.

  • The Ambassador badge will not be awarded unless the top Producer sends a minimum of 15 million likes within the timeframe. Likes may be from a combination of gifts and pearl tip jars.

  • We will only award one badge, and it will be activated to the user who sends more likes (as long as it is higher than the threshold of 15M likes).


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