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It's Black Friday and oh my do we have a lot in store for you! All of these special offers are starting NOW and last through November 28th so don't miss out!

All bar packages on our website(both mobile web or on your pc) will be 25% OFF. To take advantage of this offer, just follow the steps below.

  1. Log into from a web browser either on your phone or computer

  2. Purchase your favorite bar packages that are on sale for 25% off

  3. Spend your newfound bars during our crazy Black Friday sales and make a broadcasters day!

Whoever sends the most Golden Yachts will have the gift named after them for the whole month of December.

All ships deserve a good name, and what better way to be seen by the whole community? But, the fun doesn’t stop there. We will also be running extra sales on this gift throughout the month. Everybody will know who the Golden Yacht really belongs to.

If you want the Golden Yacht to be yours, bon voyage and happy sending!

Convert your Diamonds into Bars and we will give you 50% bonus Bars. Supporting your favorite broadcasters has never been easier with our largest Diamond conversion offer ever, so don't miss out!

All bonus Bars will be automatically distributed to your account within 48 business hours of this promotion ending.

Receive the Jackpot or the Magic Eagle gifts and we will give you an additional Diamond bonus during the month of December.

Every Jackpot you receive is an additional 1% bonus on your gift earnings during December.

Every Magic Eagle you receive is an additional 3% bonus on your gift earnings during December.

So, for example, receive 2 Jackpots and a Magic Eagle and unlock a 5% bonus on your December gift earnings!

These bonuses stack but cannot exceed 20% additional earnings.


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