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☀️ Summer Party ☀️

Who’s ready to party? We couldn’t decide what we wanted to be the theme- beach, pirate, nautical, castaway… so we thought, why not do all of them? Choose your own adventure!

Whichever theme you choose, or if you’d like to do an epic mash-up of all of the above, it’s sure to be a fun time!

Days of the Party: July 8 - 10

How to Participate:

Stream with #summerparty for at least an hour with your theme. How? Get dressed up, do a cool makeup look, make a special OBS overlay, decorate your streaming set-up, drink some cocktails/mocktails out of a coconut, or if you are one of the lucky ones who lives near the ocean, even take us for an IRL beach walk! The content is up to you- we just want to see effort!

Already know when you're going to stream? Be sure to submit your broadcast to the event's calendar!

Optional: Community Vote

This event is mostly for the fun of it, but we also wanted to celebrate those who put in the most effort. Send us a photo and/or captured moment of how you chose to party. The community will vote for their favorites!

1st. Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card, 5k bars, Banner, Editor's Choice for one week

2nd Place: 5k bars, Banner, Editor's Choice for one week

3rd Place: Banner, Editor's Choice for one week

-Tune back in here when the challenge starts for the submission form!-

Important info:

- Please be sure that all broadcasts adhere to community guidelines

- All communities are welcome to party, but at this moment only English users are eligible to submit their content for the community vote -Competition not your thing? You may still use the hashtag and have a party without submitting your content to the vote.

-Apple is not involved in this event


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