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YouNow's Smartest Streamer

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Who will be declared YouNow's Smartest Streamer? Join us for a fun Jeopardy-style Tournament run on the Official YouNow account!

Partners will face off in direct elimination matches. The winner of each match will proceed to the next round. We will have two rounds and a finale!

Matches: Each match has 3 rounds: Normal Round, Double Round (double points) and the Final “Smarty” round.

Responses: Partners will send a sub sticker in the chat as a “buzzer” to signal their intention to answer. The first contestant to “buzz” gets the opportunity to respond. If they answer correctly, they earn the point value of the question. However, if they respond incorrectly, they lose the point value, and the other Partner has a chance to answer.

Daily Doubles: Somewhere on the question board, there are two "Daily Double" questions. When a Partner selects a question that is a Daily Double, they have the opportunity to wager any amount of their current score before responding to the clue. If they answer correctly, they gain the wagered amount; if they answer incorrectly, they lose the wagered amount.

Final Smarty (No lifelines allowed): After all the questions in the main game have been answered, there is a final round called "Final Smarty." In this round, Partners are given a single question from a specific category. Before seeing the clue, they must wager any amount of their current score. After seeing the clue, they have 30 seconds to write down their response. The contestant with the highest total points after Final Smarty wins the round and progresses in the tournament!

Matches: Round One:

Saturday August 12, 3pm est: AssortedSavage vs Sam_Elliott! Winner: SAM Sunday August 13, 3pm est: Lasky_ vs KirstynotKristy Winner: KIRSTY Saturday August 19: RoxxieToxxic vs CalebGramm Winner: ROXXIE Sunday August 20: Nanalaula vs MsBaby.9 Winner: NANALAULA

Round Two:

Friday August 25: check back soon! Saturday August 26: check back soon! Finale: Sunday August 27th: check back soon!

The Viewer’s Choice:

The audience can help their favorite broadcaster make it into the finale. The broadcaster who accumulates the most likes but loses a match can still make it to the finale with the Viewer’s Choice slot. The accumulated likes are the combined likes received in the 1st and 2nd rounds, so a broadcaster who is able to win the first round but loses in the second has a higher chance of getting the viewer's choice slot!

What are the Prizes:

Likes sent during the duration of the tournament will unlock bigger prizes. All likes, regardless of which streamer receives them, will count towards unlocking the prize options!

The winner will get to choose ONE prize from all unlocked prizes (NOT one per level) After 25 million likes, we will continue to add additional funds to the travel budget, all the way up to $5000! First class, anyone? ✈️


Likes don’t just help unlock bigger prizes- Viewers can help you unlock lifelines by sending you gifts:

  • 100k: Phone a friend (drag up a guest)

  • 250k: Second Guess

  • 500k: Different Question

  • 750K: Double Points Value for the question

  • 1 Million likes: Multiple choice; A or B? We will give you a right & wrong answer to pick from!


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