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🎃 Raid Parade 🎃

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

It's time for our annual Halloween raid parade!! Join your favorite streamer for an hour time slot of Halloween fun and then raid the next streamer on the schedule!

Saturday October 29

2pm EST: TheLegendofLuke 3pm EST: Singdomofficial 4pm EST: Seggsygarfield

5pm EST: SmilingCharlie

8pm EST: Chuck

9pm EST: taureanwitch

Sunday October 30 10am EST: KIRSTYnotKRISTSY 11am EST: Ukuluca and EJ_YouNow

12pm EST: Zacrin

4pm EST: Sympxthetiic

8pm EST: ConquerLife

9PM EST: OverDoneFun

Monday October 31

1am EST: ValerieBeauty


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