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Quest for the Super Gift

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Winner: THEO!!!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This epic challenge is not for the faint of heart! We invite you to join the Quest for the Super Gift.

Days of Challenge: January 17 12PM EST – January 21 11:59PM EST

The Challenge:

The producer who sends the most Magic Eagles* during this period will receive a personalized super gift. 🦅

That’s right- you read correctly- your very own SUPER GIFT!! What is a Super Gift? Like the Magic Eagle and Gladiator Gifts, your super gift will come with several features. When you send this ✨extra special personalized gift✨: 1. An in-app notification will appear in all broadcasts that this gift was sent

2. A 20,000 bar giveaway will start in that broadcast, giving your favorite broadcaster an even larger chance to gain new audience members

3. An out-of-app notification will be sent to all users in that community letting them know that this gift was sent, so your favorite broadcaster can get all the attention; You will be able to personalize the notification message.

4. The broadcaster will get 1,800,000 likes!

And of course, you get to work with our designers to make sure your vision for the animation is brought to life!

UPDATE: The Super Gift will be delivered with a minimum of 15 (across all markets) eagles sent

Important Info:

  • The Super Gift will be delivered approximately 8 weeks after the challenge

  • The winner must be in good standing with Trust and Safety

  • This challenge is running across all communities of YouNow

  • Apple is not involved in this challenge


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