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💃 Prom 2023 🕺

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 YouNow royalty! Couples division: Tom and Ryan

Singles division: ganjariders_playhouse

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s time to break out the bow ties and ballgowns, because Prom is back!

When: June 9 - June 11

How to Participate: It’s really easy- get dressed up, stream with #prom, and let’s get this party started!

OPTIONAL: You will be able to submit your glam look and the community will vote for our 2023 YouNow Royals!

**We will send out the submission form after prom ends to all broadcasters who use #prom** ✨ NEW for 2023✨ We will have one division for singles, and one for couples*!

Prize: Single Division - An exclusive animated sticker gift for your profile - 10k Bars - Editors Choice for one week Prize: Couples Division: Stream together with a friend and/or significant other (either in person if you live close or guesting) and split the prize! - An exclusive animated sticker featuring the two of you for both your YouNow profiles

-5k Bars each

-EC for each of you for one week

Our goal? To always have at least one party happening with #prom! Be sure to check out these broadcasters who have committed to streaming during these times (shown in EST). We will be adding broadcasters to the list as we hear from them. Please note that you can stream with #prom at any time during the weekend; these are just broadcasters who we have on our radar!

Friday 1pm: Chuck

3pm: Tom and Ryan

8pm: reggyrooh

11pm: bbywoe


12am: -BAE9- and -Cait9-


  • *Couples don't have to be dating- grab your best friend and stream a party! Only one person from the couple has to stream (the other can guest or be there IRL)

  • You may only participate in one division- either couples or single

  • You can guest other users as long as they are dressed up too! If they are not part of your couple, they will have to stream on their own in order to submit their look for the vote

  • You may stream with #prom and participate in the event without submitting a look for the community vote

  • All broadcasts must adhere to the Community Guidelines

  • This event is open to partners and non-partners

  • All communities are welcome to join in the fun, but in order to be crowned YouNow royalty in the English market, you must be from the English community

  • No sleeping or Audio only broadcasts- this is a party after all!

  • Apple is in no way involved with this event

  • Macarena not required, but strongly encouraged

Check out last year's Prom submissions!

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