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🌈Pride Parade🌈

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

YouNow is a place where we celebrate love and acceptance. We wanted to put together an event to showcase all our wonderful members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

When: June 24 - June 26 How to Participate: -Apply for an hour time slot via on this calendar! Times are first come, first serve. Please do not take more than one time slot. -We will confirm with you which time you have to stream. -Stream under the hashtag #Pride during your designated time. -When your broadcast time slot ends, raid the next person on the schedule!

Here is the current schedule (all times shown in EST):

Friday, June 24th 12pm: johnnymarchese 1pm: theycallmeberttt.9 2pm:

3pm: Oish_Music

4pm: officiallyroyal_

5pm: staffordmua

6pm: Nettiboo

7pm: itsPonyGirl

8pm: PointMan 9pm: ericachan_39962

10pm: pxpichachi

11pm: xxobubbles Saturday, June 25th 12am: TyshawnBrownfield

1am: lolitskayyla-lynn 4am: beepbops 5am: KayLa_In_SpAcE420 12pm: AndromedaAscendent 1pm: eltheelvenwitch 3pm: casper_aka_damiengould 5pm: roasbe

7pm: taylgrace 8pm: BishopGreg

9pm: KingthomasRoyalFamTPa

Sunday, June 26th 1pm: psychoticluna 3pm: Zacrin 5pm: Tom

6pm: justcause999 7pm: .Gareth 8pm: smilingcharlie 9pm: taureanwitch


  • All broadcasts must adhere to the Community Guidelines

  • No sleeping or Audio only broadcasts- this is a parade after all!

  • Apple is in no way involved with this event

Check out our 2022 Pride Merch!

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