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Pearl Pelinka

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Have you seen our awesome new account where you can play Pelinka? Be sure to give it a follow and turn on your notifications so you don't miss your chance to play and win Pearls!

How to play: Send a Pearl Tip Jar less than 50k to Pearl Pelinka. Where ever your Pearl lands is what Pearl multiplier you win! May the odds be ever in your favor.

And, to celebrate our newest game, we have an extra broadcasting challenge for you to win some extra Pearls! Dates of Challenge: Sept 20 - 23 How to Participate: - Stream with #pearls for at least 45 minutes

- Every broadcast over 45 minutes = one entry into that day's Pearl raffle

- For every day of the challenge we will raffle off 150k Pearls! So don't forget to stream every day of the challenge to maximize your chances of winning!

- We will hold all raffles after the challenge ends

Important info about the #Pearls challenge:

- no purchase necessary to win the Pearl's raffle

-the pearls raffle is only open to the English community

-Please note, entries are based on broadcast count (45+ minutes), not broadcast hours

- Winners must be in good standing with Trust and Safety. All broadcasts must be in accordance with the community guidelines

- We will try our best to contact the winners as soon as possible. If more than 2 weeks pass without an answer to our original message, you will no longer be eligible to cash in your prize.

- All broadcasts MUST end before the end time specified in the contest rules. Please pay attention to time-zones! Any broadcasts that continue past the official end date and time will not be counted.

- Apple is not involved in this challenge

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