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Panda Celebration

We all love pandas!

And this past week we celebrated the day of the panda! Are you ready to share the panda love with the community?

Before we start… Did you know that PANDAS SOMETIMES DO HANDSTANDS WHEN THEY WEE?! Sometimes, to mark their scent, pandas climb a tree backward with their hind feet until they're in a full handstand upside down - enabling them to leave their scent higher up.

Now that you know the fun facts let's join pandas joy and get to the challenge:

Let the games begin 🐾

Dates: March 21, 2024, at 2 pm EST to March 24,  2024, at 11:59 pm EST

How to Participate

  • Broadcasters: First of all, broadcast as much as you can! Receive as much gift of the selection as you can. Also, the person who receives the most of Panda_playground gifts will have an extra gift.

How to win

  • Winners - Top 3 of the leaderboard

Prizes - $900

  • 1st   - $500

  • 2nd - $250

  • 3rd - $150

Specific Gifts:


PANDA_LOVE 20 points

FUNNY_PANDA 5 points


Important Info

- Winners must be in good standing with Trust and Safety. All broadcasts must be in accordance with the community guidelines

-We will try our best to contact the winners as soon as possible. If more than 2 weeks pass without an answer to our original message, you will no longer be eligible to cash in your prize.

-All broadcasts MUST end before the end time specified in the contest rules. Please pay attention to time-zones!

 -Any gifts sent after the official end date and time will not be counted.

-Apple is not involved in this challenge

- Prizes will be paid at the end of May

-The prizes will be paid in diamonds or bars, depending on the prize.

-To lay claim to the prizes, participants must meet the following requirements: 1500 points

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