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Oscars Madness

The Oscars are all about celebrating the best in film, but for the nominees, there's another perk that comes with the glitz and glamour: our carefully selected gifts.

In Younow, we're holding our very own Academy Awards ceremony, and you're nominated!

Make it to the top 3 by sending more gifts than anyone else and showcasing your talent to become the community's favorite!

But the real reward goes beyond the top spot. You can earn up to USD 1,000 and become the best of the best of YouNow Academy Awards.

🏆Let the show begin!🏆

How To participate:

  • Producers: Send the selected gifts, as much as you can; make sure you're always in the top 3.

How to win

  • Be careful, only the top 3 users will win the prizes! Make sure you are in the top 3 of the leaderboard at the end of the event.

Dates: March 9th, 10am EST to March 11th, 11:59pm EST 

Prizes: $1000

1st = $500

2nd = $350

3rd = $150 Specific Gifts:

GOLDEN_MIC: 15 points


MOVIE_MADNESS: 10 points


OSCAR_AWARD: 1 point

Important Info:

  • Winners must be in good standing with Trust and Safety. All broadcasts must be in accordance with the community guidelines

  • We will try our best to contact the winners as soon as possible. If more than 2 weeks pass without an answer to our original message, you will no longer be eligible to cash in your prize.

  • All broadcasts MUST end before the end time specified in the contest rules. Please pay attention to time-zones! -Any gifts sent after the official end date and time will not be counted.

  • Apple is not involved in this challenge

  • Prizes will be paid at the beginning of April

  • All prizes will be paid in diamonds.

  • To lay claim to the prizes, participants must meet the following requirements: 10.000 points

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