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May Partner Marathon! ✨🎁

Updated: May 6

*now with added CUSTOM GIFT! 🎁

Let's welcome our newest Partners! 🥳


  • SugarDaddy_Ilawhni.99

  • Illseeyouinthemoshpits23

  • CowboyDylonce

  • Dizzy4Days

Exciting updates for this month's Partner Marathon!

Broadcasters will now have 48 hours to compete for a spot on the Leaderboard and a chance at Partnership!

The Top Broadcaster at the end of the Marathon (with at least 15 Million Likes) will not only receive that coveted Gold Camera, but also a custom animated gift 🎁!

Dates: May 1st 1pm EST - May 3rd 1pm EST

Specific Hashtag: #tacos

Qualified Broadcasters:  click to expand

  1. Andrew_dino_puffNstuff

  2. Miguel_MVP

  3. Sir-Gaz.....Gary

  4. JayBloggs

  5. IsaMaldita

  6. Haider____MX__KYAN

  7. Illseeyouinthemoshpits23

  8. cuteavalanche

  9. LadyKayKay

  10. ANN

  11. Jedi_D3Vis

  12. katglitter144

  13. Molly_37036

  14. lunaaa..

  15. NancyyyG.9

  16. HarvSoul

  17. mabeljimenez_mia_XXL.hpt

  18. Ms.krispie

  19. BarryAustralia444

  20. AnkleBiter

  21. Aureliocasillas_38554

  22. Autobahn8

  23. El-Kamilo

  24. DaddyGustavo.420

  25. Mphine

  26. DestinyyyDarling

  27. Kuroauroma1

  28. rott3ncupid

  29. AkivaReaperManXO

  30. SmokeyyDaaBearr-_-Tokes

  31. IVRA

  32. Bookie_Jedi_Ms_Buddy_WIZZ

  33. papastoney_KINGFNTASY663

  34. DatBoyLittlezTVDBL

  35. -Sam_

  36. Hangmans.Joke

  37. Thatfleekmustachedoe

  38. ElizabethCarmona_12

  39. Exordium

  40. Shnauty

  41. jasmineNikole_

  42. Pandersun

  43. OG_wolf740

  44. I


  46. In.The.Vibes

  47. JeffJoyner

  48. chloephobic

  49. Todd_thee_Flexicutioner

  50. Marley..

  51. Switzenberg

  52. AimeefaceRainbow

  53. KILZ_NZ

  54. Wevi

  55. YKLamar

  56. SugarDaddy_Ilawhni.99

  57. Sohaib

  58. HowieTheAussie

  59. Cali-Bruh

  60. smokingwithsky

  61. Renee_22

  62. itsnoah_rosebudz27

  63. maddybritt13


  65. annoyingab

  66. CowboyDylonce

  67. ItzKayBaby.xo

  68. aziz_perfect_family_m-r

  69. Junkyard_Dog3202

  70. Stolen_Mystery_Reaper_XO

  71. LiamPullinger

  72. meggerybobeggery

  73. diinky

  74. Lauren_92125


  76. EllieBarra

  77. Black_119

  78. GHOST_ElFerda

  79. Lacey_Seigrist

  80. VanessaRoses

  81. tay_alexis

  82. akua_rose_budz_heartz

  83. Dizzy4Days

  84. MarcusMaddogfam

  85. Thumpaaaah

  86. angel____421

  87. kitty.kitty_AKA_Catchy

How does the Marathon work?

We will post a list of qualified Broadcasters and a specific hashtag for this month's Marathon. Only qualified Broadcasters will be able to broadcast with that hashtag and will be eligible to earn Partnership. These Broadcasters will have 2 days to collect as many likes as possible to secure a spot in the top 5 of the event's leaderboard.*

Remember, it's not about how fast you get the likes, but about how far you go!

Aaaaaaaaand, this month only, the Top Broadcaster with at least 15 Million Likes will also receive a completely custom animated gift!!

Hurry, don't delay, act now for this never-to-be-repeated (probably), once-in-a-lifetime (most likely) offer!!

Important Info:

  • You do NOT have to write to Support for this event. We will be taking the top 5 qualified Broadcasters from the event leaderboard at the end of the Marathon.

  • We will not be adding additional slots to this event.

  • Winners* must receive a minimum of 1,000,000 Likes, must be members of the English community, and must have used the specific hashtag in order to be Partnered.

  • This is not a PartnerMe. Unqualified users will not be Partnered, regardless of their final ranking on the event leaderboard.

  • We will try our best to provide confirmation to Broadcasters as soon as possible after the event ends. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to update the blog post with our new Partners.

  • Please pay attention to timezones. Any Likes received after the Marathon ends will not be counted.

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Be kind to your fellow Broadcasters and their communities. Any sort of bullying/discouragement between Broadcasters could result in a delay in receiving Partnership, action from Trust and Safety, or in serious cases, disqualification of Partner status. Not seeing your name on the list? Check out the requirements here. Please note: users who are not in good standing with Trust and Safety are not eligible for this Marathon. Users must be in the English community (you can verify your status by visiting and verifying that your content language is set to English). *Apple is not involved in this challenge.

Good luck, stay hydrated, and remember: It's a Marathon, not a Sprint!


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