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May Getaway is BACK!

We love how YouNow connects people all over the world. With exciting events on our radar like Social in the City in London, or Playlist in Florida, we definitely have travel on the brain… and we want to give YOU the opportunity to meet your YouNow besties and have unforgettable IRL experiences!

Days of Challenge: May 19 4:00 PM EST - June 1 11:59PM EST

How to win:

1. Grand Prize Raffle

  • Every 1hr+ broadcast with the hashtag #MayGetaway equals one entry into the giveaway

  • One broadcast = one entry. This is not broadcast hours. After the hour mark, streamers may stop and restart their broadcasts to accumulate more entries.

  • There is no limit to the amount of entries as long as each broadcast follows the guidelines and is at least an hour long

  • Participants must actively broadcast on screen (No sleeping squad or audio only)

  • Partners and Non-Partners are both eligible to win the Giveaway

  • At the end of the contest, we will do a random drawing from all entries. May the odds be ever in your favor! 🥇Grand Prize: $1,000 in Diamonds for travel 🥈2nd Place- $500 in Diamonds for travel 🥉3rd Place - $250 in Diamonds for travel

2. ✈️ Getaway Plane ✈️ Raffle

  • Send the Getaway Plane gift to broadcasters who you think need a vacation! Every plane gift sent equals one entry for you into the Getaway Plane Raffle, and a bonus entry for your favorite broadcaster in the Grand Prize Raffle.

  • Getaway Plane Raffle Prize: - $250 in Diamonds for you, $250 in Diamonds for your favorite broadcaster! - Exclusive access to the Getaway Plane gift for the summer season!

3. Send the most likes to #MayGetaway (Producers, this one is for you!)

  • We heard feedback that producers were interested in having more challenges for them, and we are happy to do so! Send the most likes to broadcasters using #MayGetaway to win the Supporter Prize

  • Supporter Prize: -An animated gift that goes into your tray AND your favorite broadcasters -A one time 12 hour gift sale with a 100% bonus sale on that gift -$100 in Diamonds, Editors Choice (1 week), and an in-app banner (1 week) for your favorite broadcaster

Rules and Regulations:

  • All broadcasts must adhere to platform guidelines

  • All winners must be in good standing with Trust and Safety

  • This challenge is only for members of the English Community

  • Apple is not involved in this campaign


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