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👍⏱ Likeathon Challenge ⏱👍

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

WINNERS: We heard that there were technical difficulties using the likeathon feature, and because of these difficulties, the leaderboard did not reflect the correct times.

Because we had a four participants who stood apart from the rest, we are altering the prizes. First place will remain the same, as there was a clear lead. But, second, third, and fourth on the leaderboard will ALL be receiving the second place prize of an animated sticker gift, 10k Bars, and 75k Pearls.

First Place: Powercouple518 Second Place: Apoetsmuse, ConquerLife, and MsBaby.9

Congratulations to all participants and our winners!


Likeathons are an amazing way to test yourself as a streamer, and we love to see the effort and fun that comes out of them! If you've been thinking about putting on a Likeathon, now's the time!

Every broadcaster who can complete a Streamnow Likeathon that lasts over an hour will win a Pearls prize, and the top Likeathon broadcasters will win awesome prizes too!

Dates of Challenge: Sept 14 - Sept 26 11:59pm est

So... What is a Likeathon?

When you start a Likeathon, a 10 minute countdown will start ticking down. If the countdown reaches 0, the Likeathon ends. Viewers can add time to the clock by sending likes. So, if you want to see your favorite streamer stay on, send those pearl tip jars and gifts!

How to Participate: -Stream with #likeathon -Use's Likeathon feature to start a Likeathon timer

- Choose Difficulty 250

- Have fun, and try and keep the Likeathon going as long as possible!

How to Win:

Top Prizes: Accumulate the most time on your Likeathon clock before the end of the challenge to win! First Place: An animated gift, 15k Bars, 100k Pearls and a banner

Second Place: An animated sticker gift and 10k Bars, and 75k Pearls

Third Place: A sticker gift, 5k bars, and 50k Pearls

Don’t forget that you are not only representing yourself during this challenge, but also the platform and your community, so please adhere to all community guidelines and be sportsmanlike and respectful of one another!

Important info: - This challenge is only for the English Community

- You may attempt as many Likeathons as you'd like. Your longest attempt will be the one that counts - Remember the spirit of the Likeathon is to do the time. You may start and stop the Likeathon timer as often as you need during the challenge- please take care of yourself! While we won't be policing this, it's not cool to have your fans give you likes and for you to not stream the time/ be off camera while the timer runs. Streamer honor code!

- Winners must be in good standing with Trust and Safety. All broadcasts must be in accordance with the community guidelines

- We will try our best to contact the winners as soon as possible. If more than 2 weeks pass without an answer to our original message, you will no longer be eligible to cash in your prize.

- All broadcasts MUST end before the end time specified in the contest rules. Please pay attention to time-zones! Any broadcasts that continue past the official end date and time will not be counted.

- Apple is not involved in this challenge


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