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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Hey folks of YouNow,

Yesterday a message was sent out (BY LIAM, LET'S MAKE THIS CLEAR) that a new gift was coming... It isn't... (please blame Liam, it is all his fault).

To make light of the class clown's mistake, we have a flash challenge.

Your objective is simple: Send the most of the "sock puppet" gift to win the following:


The choice of ANY video game (Liam's a big gamer! He's also paying...)

25k bars (if you saw his livestream, he has plenty)

Change of username for a whole week! **

The obligation of joining your broadcast (or a nominated broadcaster) throughout the week to drop the mystery gift.

The choice of resetting Liam's level or increasing yours! ** Username has to be within community guidelines.

​ The challenge began at midnight (July 15) and will be running through until midnight tomorrow (July 16)

Get those sock puppets sent!

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