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🕺Homecoming: Under the Sea 🐠

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

It’s time to break out the bow ties and ballgowns, because our next virtual Dance is here! The theme? Under the Sea!

When: September 23 - 25th

How to Participate: It’s really easy- get dressed up, stream with #homecoming, and let’s get this party started!

Optional Community Vote Challenge:

You will be able to submit your glam look- the community will vote for our 2022 Homecoming Royals!

-Form coming soon!-

What do our 2 Royals each win? - An exclusive animated sticker gift for their profile - 250k Pearls


  • All broadcasts must adhere to the Community Guidelines

  • This event is open to partners and non-partners

  • All communities are welcome to join in the fun, but in order to be crowned Homecoming Royalty, you must be from the English community

  • No sleeping or audio-only broadcasts: this is a party after all!

  • A look submission is not required to participate in this event, but it is required to be considered for Homecoming Royalty

  • Only high-quality submissions will be included in the vote

  • Under the Sea theme is just a suggestion! As long as we see the effort in getting dressed up/doing makeup etc, we will count the submission.

  • Macarena is not required, but strongly encouraged

-Apple is not involved in this event-

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