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... Prom?

Updated: May 31, 2022

It’s time to break out the bow ties and ballgowns, because Prom is here!

When: May 20-21

How to Participate: It’s really easy- get dressed up, stream with #prom, and let’s get this party started!

You will be able to submit your glam look- the community will vote for our two 2022 YouNow Royals!

Prizes What do our 2 Royals each win? - An exclusive crown gift for their profile - $50 in Diamonds - Editors Choice for one week

Our goal? To always have at least one party happening with #prom! Be sure to check out these partners who have committed to streaming during these times (shown in EST): May 20 3pm est: _LoverBoy 4pm est: Chuck 5pm est: Tom 6pm est: Ryan.Steele 7pm est: itsmekayyla-lynn 8pm est: LlamaLlamaDingDong 9pm est: JasonML 10pm est: TheCountryViking

May 21 11am est: JodieFrampton 12pm est: Drew 1pm est: Taliah_Life 2pm est: OscarStinson 3pm est: Yellow Chair Talks: Prom Edition with kirstynotkristy, Jack, and Sam_Elliott 4pm est: Wheelchairman 8pm est: skylariarose


  • All broadcasts must adhere to the Community Guidelines

  • This event is open to partners and non-partners

  • All communities are welcome to join in the fun, but in order to be crowned YouNow royalty in the English market, you must be from the English community

  • No sleeping or Audio only broadcasts- this is a party after all!

  • Apple is in no way involved with this event

  • Macarena not required, but strongly encouraged


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