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🚨Set-Up Level-Up 2.0🚨

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

A big congrats to our winners! We are contacting the winners in the order they were chosen to let each person pick from the remaining prizes. Once we reach out to you, please make your selection quickly- if we don't have an answer in 2 days you will unfortunately be bumped to the back of the line. Thank you! 1. PiercetheSnail420 (



For this community challenge, we’re all in this together! The more you stream under #setuplevelup, and the more likes you earn, the more prizes you help the community unlock for the raffle! Read on for the details of how to participate in this community challenge.


- Stream for at least an hour per broadcast with #setuplevelup to gain an entry into the raffle

- Please note, this is NOT broadcast hours. So a 90 minute stream or a 3 hour stream will still equal one entry.


All likes that come from Likes Battles while streaming with the hashtag will be counted as double for the total likes count! So if your likes battle has 10k likes, it will count as 20k towards the level up total* Get your battle on to help the community unlock prizes faster!

How the Raffle and Prize Distribution will work:

  1. Every 3 million likes accumulated by the community, we will add the next prize from the prize list to the raffle!

  2. However many prizes we unlock is the number of names we will draw. For example, if we unlock 20 prizes, we will draw 20 names. There will be one of each prize available.

  3. Winners will get to pick from available prizes in the order that they are chosen. The first person gets to pick from all unlocked prizes. The last person will get whichever prize is left!

  4. We will contact the winners one by one. If we don’t receive a reply from you with your prize choice within 2 business days, you will go to the back of the line.

👑 Top Supporter Challenge 👑 Supporters, we didn’t forget about you! The top 3 Supporters who send the most likes to the hashtag will all receive: - For the rest of 2022: Exclusive access to a retro gift of their choice and the choice of what the next community 15-bar sticker should be (that’s within community guidelines of course!)

- For one month: a banner and up to 2 community-wide push notifications per week for their favorite broadcaster’s big shows (8 push notifications total) - For one week: The option to have their personalized gifts added to their favorite broadcaster’s tray OR available community wide

- For one day: a 100% bonus on their personalized gifts

PRIZE LIST: 1. UNLOCKED: in-app Banner for 2 weeks

2. UNLOCKED: Exclusive access to retro gift in your tray for 3 months

3. UNLOCKED: 3 month subscription to streamer of choice

4. UNLOCKED: 100k Pearls

5. UNLOCKED: Phone Stand

6. UNLOCKED: Set of 6 Subscription Sticker Artwork

7. UNLOCKED: YouNow T-shirt

8. UNLOCKED: Custom Designed OBS overlay from DarenTheFireGuyOriginal

9. UNLOCKED: YouNow Hoodie

10. UNLOCKED: Green Screen

12. UNLOCKED: Streaming Light

13. UNLOCKED: Mouse

14. UNLOCKED: Popcorn Maker

15. UNLOCKED: Custom Neon Sign

16. UNLOCKED: $100 Zenni Gift Card

17. UNLOCKED: Keyboard

18. UNLOCKED: Microphone

20. UNLOCKED: Gimbal

21. UNLOCKED: 50k Bars

22. UNLOCKED: Gaming Headset

23. UNLOCKED "mystery gift" - we will pick something we think you'll like!

24. UNLOCKED: Nespresso Machine

25. UNLOCKED: Air Fryer

26. UNLOCKED: BRIO webcam

27. UNLOCKED: Capture Card

28. UNLOCKED Animated Sticker Gift (like our Prom winners!)

29. UNLOCKED: $200 Merch Store shopping spree

30. UNLOCKED: 100K Bars

31. UNLOCKED: EWIN Champion Series Gaming Chair

32. UNLOCKED Computer Monitor

33. UNLOCKED: Animated Gift that's available for the whole community to send!

34. UNLOCKED: iPhone 13

35. UNLOCKED: Gaming Laptop

Important Info: -Likes can be from pearls or gifts

- Broadcasters are eligible to win a maximum of 2 prizes from the Raffle -Only broadcasters from the EN community may participate. Members of the AR, DE, ES, or TR communities are ineligible -All broadcasts must adhere to the community guidelines -Please be present and awake in all broadcasts for this contest- no sleeping or AFK streams! -Apple is not involved in this campaign

*Broadcasters will not receive double likes from battles. We are just counting likes battle likes as double for the purpose of unlocking prizes faster.

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